The Tragedy of the Trump Electorate

If Donald Trump becomes a great, or even competent American President, his failure to have demonstrated any such potential during his campaign, or previous life for that matter, will dramatically highlight the fact that his 63 million strong electorate chose to, “believe him” and gamble on the paper-thin promise that despite his lack of qualifications and adolescent behavior, he could still somehow manage to handle the job of President of the United States.
To be sure, this is a strategy barely suitable for choosing a lawn service.

On the other hand, if he starts a world war, crashes the economy, annihilates free speech, reverses the progression of civil rights, worse, or all of the above, his electorate should feel the full weight and shame of the unfathomable irresponsibility of having, “rolled the dice” with something as important as the security of the free world.

And although I sincerely hope that the latter does not prove to be the case, if he proves successful, it is still impossible for his electorate to claim anything other than dumb luck.
Hardly a premise on which national greatness is likely to be achieved.


One thought on “The Tragedy of the Trump Electorate

  1. The American people will feel no shame if Pres. Trump reverses the progression of “civil rights” as those “rights” are merely racist, sexist, and oikophobic laws meant to subjugate the normative majority to the whims of the abnormal minority.

    True, that wasn’t the original intent of such laws but it is what they’ve devolved – you say progressed – into.

    As for “free speech” – the Left and those demographics they enable and pander to have been the ones attacking that basic right. And no, if under Pres. Trump, better qualifiers are placed upon what IS a peaceful protest, that’s not anything we’ll be ashamed of either. Nor will we be ashamed if the deliberate indoctrination of generations in anti-American ideologies is somewhat curtailed through the loss of tax dollars.


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