Generation Z and The United States of Disrespect

Every generation of Americans since the Baby Boomers have contributed to the disrespectful and tactless trend of publicly ridiculing its President.
And while disrespectful speech and ridicule may indeed be protected by our constitution, it is also the opposite of patriotism.
Regardless of our personal stance for or against the politics or person serving as our president, The President of the United States deserves our respect.

Consider that undermining our President only works against their success, and that their success is our success ; the success of our country.
Why would we not route for the leader of our country to be successful?

Todays generation has the opportunity to reverse this unfortunate trend and help restore respect for the office of the Presidency, not only in its own eyes, but in the eyes of the world.

So this is the question Generation Z:
Do you have what to takes to rise above the thoughtlessness of previous generations and restore dignity to free speech in America?
Because whether you realize it or not, your future depends on it.


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