The United States of Impunity

After observing the events and ultimate result of both impeachment trials of the 45th U.S. President, it is clear that U.S. Constitutional Law, much-like like Catholicism, is no more than a field-guide of excuses and justifications for bad behavior, equally effective for exoneration to the moral and amoral judge alike. – Bobby Duthu– Feb 14, Continue reading The United States of Impunity

Me the E.T.

I’ve learned more about myself in the past 6 years than in the previous 48 by a long shot.But it’ll likely surprise no one who has ever made my acquaintance to learn that according to two separate behavior assessment systems/personality indicators, my personality can be found in less than 1% of the global population.Add to Continue reading Me the E.T.

Police Brutality in America: A Few Bad Apples?

June 14, 2020 The magnitude of law enforcement personnel emotionally unqualified to wear the uniform of an American law enforcement officer, is not limited to just, “a few bad apples”.I estimate encountering law enforcement on approximately 10 occasions in my lifetime, give or take a few.These encounters range from minor traffic violations to asking for Continue reading Police Brutality in America: A Few Bad Apples?

On the Basis of Merit

No image better exemplifies, “white nationalism” or, “white supremacy”, than this of 4 year old Tobala Ellenbogan. Tobala was targeted, apprehended, sentenced, and murdered by the Nazi Government at Auschwitz in 1944 as a result of, “merit based” immigration reform.And the government administration ultimately responsible for the policies that resulted in her murder, began with Continue reading On the Basis of Merit

Paying College Athletes:

Paying college athletes is a short-sighted idea, selfishly and foolishly focused on revenue instead of academics.I mean, where are we going with this?Where students attend the collegiate football camp of their choice, then choose from a voluntary list of extracurricular academic activities for fun?College football should be re-assigned to a rational place on America’s priority Continue reading Paying College Athletes: