The Intersection of Church & State:

While a firm believer in the separation of church and state, I also recognize certain unavoidable intersections between the two. Namely, the role ethics and morality play in public voter representation. So while I will not discount a candidate for any particular religious belief, there is a baseline of behavioral expectation. That is to say Continue reading The Intersection of Church & State:

America’s To-Don’t List

Regardless of your political persuasion, and aside from the inexplicable tragedy that far too many among us lack the emotional depth for empathy. Political parties are mostly to blame for the state of divisiveness in America today. Sociopolitically speaking, most Americans share similar concerns about the same handful of issues. The difference is in the Continue reading America’s To-Don’t List

Wise Man?

Homo sapien, whose name is derived from the latin, “wise man”, has navigated 300,000 years of evolution to rise to the top of Earth’s food chain, yet is unable to recognize that its most formidable enemy is the division of its own species between empathy and ignorance. – BD

Alpha Fail

Everything I despise about Right-Wing Political Fanatics, including Donald Trump and his administration, is captured in this single photograph. This is Senator Van Wanggaard of Wisconsin, begrudgingly attending a meeting requested by a high school student interested in discussing her concerns about the epidemic of gun violence in Americas schools. For those unable to tell Continue reading Alpha Fail

The Novelty President

I am convinced after a year, that although not necessarily well-meaning, the only thing to fear about Donald Trump, is ham-handed incompetence. What I am concerned about, is the next Novelty-President ; Someone who may actually be smart ; Someone who may actually understand how to exploit the lack of enforceable laws and rules of conduct applicable to a sitting U.S Continue reading The Novelty President