The Novelty President

I am convinced after a year, that although not necessarily well-meaning, the only thing to fear about Donald Trump, is ham-handed incompetence. What I am concerned about, is the next Novelty-President ; Someone who may actually be smart ; Someone who may actually understand how to exploit the lack of enforceable laws and rules of conduct applicable to a sitting U.S Continue reading The Novelty President

The Tragedy of the Trump Electorate

If Donald Trump becomes a great, or even competent American President, his failure to have demonstrated any such potential during his campaign, or previous life for that matter, will dramatically highlight the fact that his 63 million strong electorate chose to, “believe him” and gamble on the paper-thin promise that despite his lack of qualifications and adolescent behavior, he could still Continue reading The Tragedy of the Trump Electorate

One Americans Take on Choosing a U.S. Presidential Candidate

My critical point of view as an American: U.S. history is rich with individuals past and present of whom we should respect and admire. Conversely, there are also those individuals past and present of whom we should be ashamed. The attitude of entitlement that arrived here with the first Europeans lives on today, personified in Continue reading One Americans Take on Choosing a U.S. Presidential Candidate

Be angry if you must, as is certainly your right as an American, but please consider this before casting your general election vote in November:

When combined with reason, intelligence, and maturity, controlled and appropriately channeled anger can provide the energy needed to do the hard work required to develop real solutions.

Conversely, uncontrolled and inappropriately channeled anger only leads to thoughtless comments and actions that create further aggravation and divisiveness and are worse, completely ineffective. 

In the history of solutions, violence and disrespect are 0 and forever against intelligence and reason, a fact that all the violence and disrespect in the world will never change.