One Americans Take on Choosing a U.S. Presidential Candidate

My critical point of view as an American:
U.S. history is rich with individuals past and present of whom we should respect and admire.
Conversely, there are also those individuals past and present of whom we should be ashamed.
The attitude of entitlement that arrived here with the first Europeans lives on today, personified in every bigot, racist, and narcissist in America.
These individuals are prepared to hurt, kill or otherwise ruin anyone who doesn’t share their point of view or general physical characteristics.
Further, these individuals are prepared to flatten the earth and cover it in concrete in the name of their disgusting worship of the almighty dollar.

Developing our own critical point of view is important because we want to elect candidates who share our vision for America and not perpetuate the mistakes of our past.
Historically, party platforms have evolved, so blaming one or the other for a given issue is often unfair.
However, today, it is fairly easy to see which party supports which issue, or at least whose actions demonstrate their true beliefs.
There are many issues about which I am concerned, but below are a few of the more significant issues from my point of view that determine who I may or may not vote for in any given election:

Nationwide and Global Economic Stability
I believe in slow, steady growth vs fast-track scenarios which I believe promote bubbles that ultimately result in recession or worse.

U.S. Military Activity Overseas
I believe in dependence on special forces and diplomacy unless critically necessary vs too-quick-to-man-up and become a victim of mission-creep, nation-building, and worst of all, needless loss of life.

Civil Rights
I believe that all humans deserve civil rights, regardless of their religion, party affiliation, or citizen status.

Separation of Church and State
I believe in the separation of church and state to be vitally important in order to avoid laws that poise any one groups religious beliefs against another.

Environmental and Wildlife Conservation
While clearly intended for our reasonable use and consumption, I believe that human-kind instead unnecessarily abuses and depletes the Earths natural resources in gross excess without regard for consequence.

For me, I am fortunate to have U.S. presidential candidate choices that reflect my personal beliefs and vision for Americas future.
Which issues are important to you, and who will help you to realize your version of America?


Update: November 20, 2016

Donald Trump is now the President-Elect, and I have included this update in order to address some post-election questions raised by some about my support of Hillary Clinton as well as my lack of support for President-Elect Trump.

On my support of Hillary Clinton:
I see Hillary Clinton as a civil servant who has devoted her entire life to the service of our country, and believe that all controversies surrounding her are the result of a smear campaign perpetrated by her political enemies.
And although I am not in total alignment with her on every issue, I do believe that Hillary Clinton is the right person to create my version of America as described above.

On my opposition to President-Elect Donald Trump:
Everybody has their own pet-peeves, and one of mine is bullying.
I am disgusted by people with a tendency to take advantage of superior strength or stature for the purpose of intimidation or antagonism.
During the past 18 months of campaigning for President of the United States, Donald Trump has demonstrated on several occasions to be such a person.
While I am personally intimidated by no one, I am also aware that not everyone is equipped to deal with this kind of behavior, nor should they have to be, and I have always felt an obligation as decent person to defend them whenever possible.
With that being said, I don’t mind giving President-Elect Trump a chance to implement some of his more reasonable policies, but he must start acting with the dignity befitting The President of the United States if he ever wants me and others like me to follow him.


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