I often cite, “out of control population growth” as the root cause of a number of common complaints; health care and health care insurance cost, prison overcrowding and cost, U.S. immigration issues, government welfare problems and traffic and law enforcement issues, just to name a few.
My reasoning is based on two separate observations:
One, that varied perspectives prevent widespread agreement on any particular subject.
Consequently, the more perspectives, the more potential for disagreement.
And two, most of these individual perspectives are narrow and personal as opposed to broad and selfless, considering the possibility of sacrifice for the benefit of others.

Most are underwhelmed by my hypothesis and believe that due to disease, murder, natural death, etc, that annual death basically equals annual birth, resulting in a relatively balanced birth-to-death ratio.
That is to say that most believe earths population to be relatively static, increasing only slightly over long periods of time.
While unsure of the rationale behind this perceived notion, it’s inaccuracy is hardly in question.

  • Average U.S. population growth is approximately 1% per year
  • US population increased by 22.5% between 1990 to 2010
  • Actual world birth to death ratio is 2.452:1 (2.5 births for every death)
  • World population in 1800 was approximately 1 billion and is approximately 7 billion today (2015)
  • Globally, in 2011, 135 million people were born and 57 million died, resulting in a net population growth of 78 million

In addition to previously mentioned over-population issues, far too few entities exist to grant the requests, meet the needs, and maintain the peace of this nearly incomprehensible quantity of people and its overwhelming number of, “bad-actors”.
The character quality of this population must improve for the global community to reverse its current trend of greed and narcissism and realize its full potential.



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