Out of Bounds

Tom Brady does not deserve to be punished in any way for this ridiculous accusation based on the following:

  • There is absolutely no evidence to support it.
  • The, “Wells Report” on which it is based consists solely of a single individuals opinion.
  • All NFL QB’s are allowed to, “prepare” their respective footballs prior to any game in various ways regardless of the ball pressure regulation.
  • It has been proven that whatever the condition of the footballs used in the AFC Championship game, no advantage was provided.
  • If, “football condition” is so critical, why are teams allowed to prepare and provide their own footballs?
  • Why doesn’t the NFL simply provide a, “properly prepared football” and blow the whistle?

The stress and fatigue that threatens the levee of integrity in The United States with the ever increasing blurring of legal and corporate lines alike, has officially become a breach.




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