Things That Don’t Matter for $200

I’ve been hearing about these two ridiculous stories for two years now, and the only thing worse than their illegitimacy, is their intended positive effect on the small and narrow-minded.
If you suspect that you may fall into this category, you may consider the following alternate perspectives:

In reference to above article about The President, “forgetting” to salute a Marine posted at the entrance of Marine One in 2013:

The President is not a member of the military and therefore not required to return or salute members of the military at any time.
President Reagan was the first to do so as a matter of personal preference, but it is not protocol.
Regardless, the worst possible scenario here is that The President made an honest mistake and then apologized and rectified it.
If this is below your expectations for a fellow human being, check the mirror for comparison.

In reference to above article about The President requesting umbrellas for himself and The Prime Minister of Turkey during an unexpected rain at The White House in 2013:

All this tells me is that The Marines have a silly umbrella policy and The President has enough sense to get out of the rain.

Think for yourself.


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