The Racist Challenge ; Are You A Racist?

Scenario 1: You agree with all seven of the following statements and are not a racist.

Scenario 2: You disagree with any of the following seven statements, and are likely a racist.

Scenario 3: You are a racist, but sincerely consider and acknowledge the validity of these statements and see your affliction relieved.

  1. No single event can be justified by the identification of a, “race-reverse” example of another.
  2. Your racism is not justified by pointing out the existence of reverse-racism to others.
  3. Racism is a product of ignorance due to stunted maturity and/or narcissism and is wrong under any circumstance.
  4. No race is void of bad actors.
  5. Your experience as a white American does not necessarily qualify you to presuppose the experience of a minority American.
  6. Being truly empathic makes you less likely to be a racist.
  7. You cannot simultaneously be a racist and believe in the teachings of Jesus.


One thought on “The Racist Challenge ; Are You A Racist?

  1. I’m NOT a racist but sometimes STRONGLY DISAGREE with some religious groups/culture’s beleifs and/or ways!

    Jesus’ teachings have nothing to do with racism! Lol, it surrounds me everywhere here!

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