My favorite drumming performances tend to inspire me through a profound sense of appreciation for the talent required to compose, and the skill, effort and emotional control required to then perform under the pressure of recording, with the occasional instance of awe if it’s something outside of my own capability.
The drumming performance by Vinnie Colaiuta on the recording in below video, particularly the outro, is at least just such an instance.

This performance is beyond speedy kick-drum work, blazing single-stroke rolls, or other popular feats of drumming acrobatics that don’t really interest me much.
This is much more than that.
This is virtuosic skill, a master-class in independence, a beautiful display of taste, dynamics, and fluidity possessed by few, and an atomic sense of time possibly possessed by no other.

I have no words adequate to describe how this particular performance makes me feel, other than to say that I can barely watch it without welling-up with tears.
Another unexpected gift from music ; one of the greatest joys I’ve ever known.


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