Trophy Hunting and The Toddler

Hunting may very well be ingrained in our DNA due to our, “Hunter-Gatherer” ancestry, but in 2015, it is hardly necessary for our survival.
Therefore, with few exceptions, all modern hunting is, “trophy hunting” and is done merely for sport.
So, while our instinct to hunt for what was necessary nourishment is clearly based in history, likewise, our need to hunt for completely unnecessary trophies is based purely in immaturity.
The overwhelming desire to kill a beautiful and majestic animal observed in the wild for anything other than food requires an exaggerated sense of self-worth.
That is to say that you must believe your place on the planet to be exponentially greater than that of the animal.
This is basically the same principle as a toddler who sees a glass vase on a coffee table and inexplicably knocks it to the floor.
It is globally understood by mature adults that most toddlers have an overwhelming desire to do things, “because they can” simply because they have not yet developed the maturity level required to refrain from such senseless activity.
The rest become Trophy Hunters.

You can only be one of two types of hunter:

1. Sportsmanlike
2. Un-Sportsmanlike

A Sportsmanlike hunter MUST:

1. Follow all existing hunting laws, rules and regulations
2. Possess legitimate land-access rights
3. Possess all required licensing

A Sportsmanlike hunter must NOT:

1. Bait prey with feeders, food plots, etc.
2. Hunt from enclosed blind
3. Create, “shooting lanes” by removing branches, trees, etc for clearer, long range shots
4. Hunt fenced-in animals
5. Hunt tame animals
6. Hunt habituated animals (animals on ranches or in research areas, not tame, but accustomed to human presence)
7. Participate in unsportsmanlike activity regardless of the law

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