The Voice of Un-Reason

In reference to a Facebook post by, “Conservative Post” featuring this image:

The Voice of Un-Reason:

Committing atrocities on a, “never-before-seen-in-the-history-of-mankind” kind of scale, tends to tip your historical judgement scale irreversibly backward, rendering any good you may have done or intelligence you may have possessed, irrelevant at best.
If you care to make a political statement at the expense of someone whose beliefs you do not share, do so using political insight, philosophical ideology or some other intelligent form of communication.
With a near infinite pool of examples from which to choose, there is no need or place in this world to choose Adolf Hitler as your comparison for anything other than the world’s most notorious narcissist.
It is understood that the author of this post intended to expose Mrs Clinton as what he or she believes is a socialist, but regardless of your degree of idiocy, socialism and nazism are far from being one-in-the-same.



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